Polly Ann Workman

8714. Polly Ann1 WORKMAN.

Polly Ann Workman and John D. Lee were married either during the month of December 1845, or January, 1846. She was his seventh wife. Her name appeared in his journals on occasion during the exodus from Nauvoo but little was known of her prior life. She and Nancy Bean were the first in the Lee family to cross the Mississippi in February, 1846, to begin the trek across Iowa to Winter Quarters. When the company was at a place known as Pacific Springs about the middle of June, Polly Ann decided she would go back to Pisgah where many of the Saints had stopped for lack of means to go farther. In John D. Lee's family of forty-eight, which included adopted sons and their families, twenty-eight were forced to remain. Those in the family who continued had four wagons, twenty-four head of cattle, four mules, and three horses. Polly Ann was one of that group of family members.

It was when they arrived at Pacific Springs that Polly Ann left the family to go back to Pisgah. John warned her of the move, reporting the conversation in his journal, "...I at that time told her the consequences of such measures. Still she persisted in going..." After several months, most of which time she was severely ill, she returned to the Lee family. A couple of months later she experienced more illness, "...very violently attacked of a fever and sickness of the stomach..."

A few days later, on February 10, 1847, John and Polly Ann had a long conversation. There seemed to be serious problems between them, which John viewed as irreconcilable. With this feeling, he had spoken to her brother, who was at Pisgah about sending her to him. John made arrangements with him that he allow her to work in his household, and be paid at the rate of one dollar per week. The next day, despite some additional dialogue between them, John put her on a wagon and sent her back.

Polly Ann remained in Iowa and married Mr. Bennett. She never went to Utah.

She married John Doyle LEE 1845 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.

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