Delethia Morris (1812 - )

8831. Delethia1 MORRIS was born about 1812.

John D. Lee married Delethia Morris as his ninth wife sometime during the winter of 1845-1846. Her name appeared only once in his writings: "In the temple, I took three more wives, Martha Berry, Polly Ann Workman and Delethia Morris." Juanita Brooks wrote that nothing had been found about her except that while Lee was away on his trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, she was married to Allen Miller, a trader. This information was obtained from Lee's "Confessions,"

"...while we were here, two men came to our camp, named Allen Miller and Mr. Clancy. They were traders to the Potawatomie Indians. Allen Miller had married one of my wives..."

Delethia Morris had no children by John D. Lee.

She married (1) John Doyle LEE 1845/1846 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.

Delethia married (2) Allen MILLER.

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