Posterity of Nancy Ann Vance (1824 - 1851)

Listing 2 descendants for 2 generations.

8832. Nancy Ann1 VANCE was born 29Sep 1824 in Morgan, Illinois. She was the daughter of John VANCE and Sarah Lavinia Gant PERKINS. Nancy died 30Oct 1851.

In the fall of 1845, John D. Lee married Nancy Ann Vance as his tenth wife. Lee had baptized several families of Youngs in Tennessee during his missionary days there, including David Adolphous, with his wife and three of his children. Lee had married two of the girls, Lavina and Polly. David's wife, whose name was Elizabeth Vance, was probably a sister to Lewis Vance and an aunt to Nancy Ann.

A nephew, who could have been a cousin of Nancy Ann Vance, whose name was Adolphia, also joined the Church with his wife, Rhoda, and several children. Both David Adolphous and Adolphia and their families gathered with the Saints at Nauvoo in 1842. Both families departed the city with the body of the Church in 1846, making their way across Iowa to Winter Quarters.

While at Winter Quarters, Adolphia learned that his father was critically ill, and not expected to live. Leaving his wife and family with Lee, he immediately started back to Tennessee.

Several months later, John Harmon Young, Adolphia's brother, arrived at Summer Quarters with a message from Adolphia. He was to tell Lee that Adolphia, himself, was seriously ill and would be unable to return in time to travel to the Valley with the company that season. He asked that Lee see that his family was sent back to Tennessee, and when he recovered sufficiently, he would put together his outfit and take his family on to the Valley.

Mr. Harmon, who was not a member of the Church, also had a letter for Nancy Ann Vance from her father. It contained $5.00, with which, if she so desired, she could return home, home meaning back to Tennessee. She decided to return, probably making the trip back with Mr. Harmon. Little was known about Nancy during that time, but it was apparent that she later made her way back west, possibly with Adolphia and his family when they went west in 1852. She, however, never returned to John D. Lee, but married a Mormon, William Shin Wardsworth. She had borne a child Hannah by John D. Lee at Winter Quarters in 1846. Hannah later adopted the Wardsworth name and married Mr. Harris.

She married (1) John Doyle LEE 1845/1846 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.

They had 1 child:

8833.Fi.Hannah Lee WARDSWORTH, born 1846 in Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska. She married ________ HARRIS.

Nancy married (2) William Shin WARDSWORTH 31Mar 1847 in Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska.

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