Emoline Vaughn Woolsey (1830 - )

8834. Emoline Vaughn1 WOOLSEY was born 4Jan 1830 in Danville, Boyle, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Joseph WOOLSEY and Abigail SHAFFER.

John D. Lee married Emoline as his eleventh wife. She was the younger sister of his wives, Aggatha Ann and Rachel Andora. During the summer of 1847, she left the Lee home at Summer Quarters and went back with Charles Kennedy on a visit to Mt. Pisgah. Lee had objected to her leaving, and when she returned, refused to accept her back into his family, an action which he later regretted. She did not cross the plains to Utah but eventually remarried, probably to Charles Kennedy, and remained in the Midwest.

She married (1) John Doyle LEE 21Dec 1846 in Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska.

Emoline married (2) Charles KENNEDY.

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